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Pull it backwards that’s pink airbrush gun holder, so that’s double action, so push down air and pull backwards that speed temptu airbrush gun.And then that’s it, you have gravity Fed which is a no gravity Fed this this one and most of those air brushes a copies on top and then the paint goes from the top and then you have the c fund type, which is this one you have a bottle here or a cup or a bottle and then it siphons like it.It sucks the paint upwards so my quick recommendation, it’s like generally easier to paint with gravity Fed air brushes and don’t get the single action air brushes, it’s too basic in a way and besides the prices of double action air brushes and like way back is ask she a single action.I’m not really sure to be honest, if people sell single actions, these again air brushes have become so much cheaper these days, so this cheap less than ten Dollar air brushes you have it here and then these hubby made air brushes are like around forty dollars so they’re similar very similar with z air brushes which are at the same price arrange sort off, um, and then you have the higher middle range air brushes, this one is a badger 100 LG I think I bought it for 7000 pesos, so that’s roughly around a hundred fifty a hundred fifty dollars and this one evolution is roughly around the same price 250 dollars and of course the infinity which is 300, dollars.Or even more so you have the ten dollars ten dollars the forty Dollar air brushes and 150 air brushes and a 300 Dollar air brushes I used to have a couple of tammy air brushes, I’ve sold them already, and also I had a new ata I also sold them so it’s not that I’m not during the earlier years of like doing gunplay, you always follow what the Japanese users like they use Japanese Spain’s Japanese air brushes, so if big because you want to be as good as them, you tend to get the same tools and the same pains.And so let’s make it quick, what’s the difference between all these air brushes, the ten Dollar air brush 150 and 300 Dollar air brush, obviously one of the obvious like a difference is the finish the finish of the mower expensive air brush at least the infinity is very good, this has been with me for more than a year now and it’s super smooth super nice and it doesn’t feed it hasn’t feed so far then you have the middle range air brush, um, this is a bad example so because the finish is so bad already, but again this is like maybe around ten years old and this one the evolution is around eight years old so you see the anyway you see the differences in the finishing this a more expensive hair brushes.After finished definitely and the cheap essay or Bush is not bad.So, another difference is the weight, um the cheaper air brushes tend to be heavier and the midrange shares at least this model about the same actually this feels heavier, but once you have a bottle here at the bottom, this is really heavy, and then the more expensive the really expensive ones are lighter, so basically while you’re painting, you can just remove the import once you’ve gotten used to the controls here and. It will make their brush later, so painting like eight ten hours is is kind of stressing to the hand if you’re painting with a heavy air brush, but if you just air brush light.Maybe around an hour or two it doesn’t really matter the biggest difference is the controls so the more expensive air brushes a in my opinion, have better controls, so with this one you push for you push for air and then you pull for pain, this one has better very sensitive control in terms of the air and.And been so it’s it’s it has a way better controlled than the cheaper air brushes, the cheaper ones are tend to be really stiff and the airflow control is a bit difficult, but with more expensive air brushes even both the air control and flow control the pain flow and the air flow are have really good, um controls, they’re very sensitive. Now let’s talk about the setup, the setup could be as simple as this one are really small air compressor with the PS eye, the pressure gauge and then it doesn’t even have attack you could also use like really small ones used for painting makeup and I also have obviously the heavy-duty ones which are really really loud, the loud air brushes, I love using them for really long hours like long hours of painting more than eight ten twelve hours of painting and then especially for priming and varnishing, so with this one, the smaller compressors, you don’t really get to control the PS eye pressure and its silent albeit doesn’t really it doesn’t have an air tank meaning you don’t get like a constant pressure.A constant air pressure but it’s usable, I mean it, could I use this for late night painting because the big one is really noisy, so I use this for late night painting as it works so it all depends on what you need and how much time you spend painting.Also, the water tap, um, if you’ve seen those tiny water taps that are put in between the hose and air brushes, so those are very helpful, especially if you have a short host a shorter hoses tend to build up condensation faster, so I’m not really sure, but it will spit water if you don’t have enough water trap, this is not enough to be honest you have to have that small water water tap in between the air brush and hose, but for my bigger setup since it has a really long host, the longer hose.I don’t know the science behind it, but it will never condense enough water that will spit through the air brush so the longer the hose the safer you’ll be especially if you’re painting with lockers, you don’t really want those water spitting setup because it will ruin the paint job, you have to repaint the whole thing, but for acrylics, you just need to blow that away and then use a hair dryer, and then paint over it again once it’s dry so anyway, it’s no longer the host the better it is in terms of preventing buildup of water.And so, lastly for pressure I don’t really advocate that nps I stuff I don’t like it was made popular like ten years ago so but after like air brushing a lot, the past few of the past couple of years, um I don’t really advocate it especially if you have a simpler setup which doesn’t let you control the air pressure, um, you just need to learn the controls of your air brush, so if your detail painting 1520 HP’s eye, you could do detail painting the theming is a bit different but that deserves another video. So if you need control, you press less and you pull less and you do detail painting, so that’s what the controls are for so and then if you want to do base colors, priming or varnishing it could just pull more or I mean push more and pull more more pain will come out of the air brush so again the thing is different, if you want to really be away from the model because you need more thinning sauce for that.A bit more thinning saucer thinner, if it’s too far away, especially for acrylics, it will dry up even before it hits the model so but then again in terms of air compressor or air pressure, you don’t really need a sophisticated a very complex air compressor, just need to learn the controls of your hairbrush.So my recommendation I recommend for first time air brushes to get a basic setup a setup right like around fifty to a hundred dollars that will have a good useable air brush with a fairly good compressor that will give you hours of weekend painting, that’ll be good enough for general use, but if you want more control, you should get 150 Dollar air brushes or even if you could afford the infinity which is like 300, dollars if you could afford it and you could get you want to get a big very big compressor with good a pressure control and stuff I would recommend if you get it so basically so similar with paints and then other tools you get what you pay for, so the mortgage.Spend the better finish you have the better control and its more durable in a way at least the finish, so that’s it.